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Hi there, and welcome. Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you're landed on this page it's clear you are ready for a change in your life.

My name is Louise and I'm a Marbella based Personal Trainer and qualified Nutritionist, and healthy lifestyle motivator. I also have three insanely crazy boys.

Having three young children, very close together. I totally understand how challenging family life can be. Sleep deprivation, and the typical stressors of everyday life can be overwhelming.

I've been there myself, and this experience means I'm able to provide you with the exact support you need. There's so much confusing information out there, that it can be overwhelming knowing what to believe.

Working together, we will be able to create a habitually healthy lifestyle, equipping you with skills for the rest of your life.


Learn how to eat for life

Are you familiar with flexible dieting? Do you know how to incorporate treats into your diet while making progress towards your fitness goals? Yes, you can eat chocolate and still lose body fat.

I'm a certified level 3 Personal trainer

I'm a certified master personal trainer

I'm a certified Nutritionist

Certified Natural Nutrition

Certified Body Type Nutrition Coach

I specialize in Fat Loss and sport performance nutrition

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