How to eat cake and not gain weight....

How to eat cake and not gain weight.....


I was chatting the other day with a client at the end of a training session and I said.....


"What's stopped you following through on your healthy eating plan or exercise program in the past?"


My client said...


"My friends"


Gah this is so true isn't it?


You spend the whole week "being good".  You eat like a diet diva.  You feel pretty smug.


Then you arrange to meet your friend for coffee and she orders CAKE!!!


"How selfish of her.  She knows I'm trying to be good."




What to do?


You know it's going to knock you off course. 


You know you "shouldn't".


Your friend says "Oh go on, it won't kill you!"


You both order cake.  Decision made.


You immediately feel like you have permission to make the same choice, when actually left to your own devices you may have chosen differently.


It's like


"If we both eat it, we stay on an even playing field!  It cancels out!"




"I will hurt her feelings if I don't join her, and she'll go on and on about it."




"She can eat cake and not gain a pound.  It works for her, so what's the harm?"




"I deserve it.  I've worked my arse off all effing week......."


And on and on........


Ever done this?


And, of course it's ok to eat cake.


What's not ok is that afterwards you can fall into the comparison trap.


Your mind starts wandering.  You feel "bad".  You question your ability to make the changes to your eating habits.  You mentally punish yourself.  It takes you out of your power.


This type of thinking can then have a knock-on effect with your next choices.


"Oh well, I'm of plan now so I may as well wait until Monday to start over again."


"Gah, I have no will power".


"Is this effort to make significant change to my health, fitness, waistline REALLY worth this?"


"Fuck it."


The influence of environment and people over food choices is fascinating.


It's ok to indulge in great tasting food and drink.  Of course it is.  Recognising that enjoyment is one of the reasons why we eat and drink is important.


But choosing when you indulge, rather than deciding in the moment will keep you powerful.  No regrets.


No outside influences.  No big deal.


Also, comparing the way you eat with someone else is a huge trap.  You just can't compare.


Each person's body responds differently.  This can be dependent on what they have eaten that day/yesterday/that week.


The type of exercise they've done.

How much exercise they've have done or not done.


Their height, their weight and of course their metabolism.


Could make your choices without taking into consideration anyone else or the situation?


Could you make them from a place of personal awareness about how hungry you are, what your goals are.  What you are trying to achieve long term, your stress levels, your boredom levels.....


Could you own your choices?


When we focus on what others are doing and how their choices are affecting them it's a distraction.


Your journey is an individual one.


Own it and thrive.


Talk soon

-Louise x


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